Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Fun

There is a Childrens Museum here in Erie that is great for indoor fun during the winter.  I ended up buying a season pass because Kaellyn and I tend to go there every week.  This week they had a zoo day where they read a story and brought it a bunny and hedgehog to pet.  It was pretty fun.

Her bruises from her last fall were just healing.  This was the before picture.

Then she fell and scrapped her head, nose and chin making more bruises.

Then they brought in the Erie Hockey team mascot and some junior players.  Kaellyn loved playing with the boys and meeting Shooter the mascot.

The next day we went to the library because they were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Clifford the Big Red Dog.  They had goodie bags and face painting and other crafts.  However, there were so many people I got overwhelmed and so did Kaellyn so we left.  But at least she got to see Clifford.

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