Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

I was asked to watch my friend Megans son Cooper for a little over an hour at 3 pm.  I said yes because she will be watching Kaellyn when I am in the hospital.  However, I really did not want to.  Especially because Briss was working which meant I had to wake Kaellyn up and drive to Coopers house.  But I did.  And when I arrived I noticed a bunch of cars.  I was a bit confused but still didn't get it.  Then when I walked into the house I saw a sign that said "Baby Girl" and I figured it out.  I was so surprised though!!  And so grateful!!!

My friend Suzie who lives in Pittsburgh organized it but couldn't make it.  There was 5 of the main moms from the group and it was so much fun!

A snowsuit!!

Bath product for me

Jess is the one who did most of the organizing with Suzie

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