Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 2 in New York

We went to the big mall and did our final Christmas shopping

Then we had supper at The Melting Pot a fondu restaurant

Briss LOVED the melted  cheese

Kaellyn passed out due to all the shopping.  She always holds on to her side!

Us girls in blue

My snowflake was so fun!

My earrings said, "Let it Snow" and it did because it NEVER stops snowing here.
Jessica Hitchcock with Kaellyn (her husband is Bruce who was in the wedding) and they are expecting their 3rd child after the new year

Andreya (Bruce and Jessica's 4 year old daughter)

Plaid girls!!

Spends hours in that thing!

Daddy cuddles and her socks have santas on them

Adorable outfit!!

Although the hat is too big for her little head

This was at Carols house for a Christmas Eve party

Trying to get a good picture with Grandma but she hates that hat

Owen at the Christmas party

Crawling on the kid bear skin rug.  Hehe

Still can't sit up by herself but trying.

So cute!!

The fish is still alive and doing amazing!!!!!
Thats all for now.  Many more of Christmas day to come soon!!

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