Friday, December 3, 2010


Thanksgiving was so amazing!!  We all had such a fun time.  It started on Wednesday when Briss got off work and we packed up the car to drive to Idyllwild.  We drove his Jeep because my car would be somewhat slow getting up the mountain.  I wore a silly sheep and jean jacket that Briss said was hideous and that i am not allowed to wear anywhere else.  I dressed Kaellyn warmly in her Organic Squirrel onesie because it seemed as woodsy as I could get. 
In her Organic Squirrel onesie

My hideous fur jacket.  Haha
Packing the car
The ride up there was very easy.  We stopped at Arbys in Temecula and Briss had never had a roast beef sandwich.  They are very good but he said he'd rather have In-n-Out.  Kaellyn slept the entire ride up.  We didn't even need to stop to feed her.  She really is an easy baby sometimes. We arrived at Idllywild and was surprised to see snow on the ground!!  We did not prepare for snow on the ground.  I brought cold weather clothes but not snow clothes!!  O well it's a good thing we stayed inside as much as possible.  We checked in and found the room to be freezing cold.  So we turned on the heater and Kaellyn and I stayed in the car with it running while wating for the room to heat up.  It took a good half an hour and then it was only really warm in front of the heater so we bundled up in front of it. 

Miss K all ready for the car ride

Our cabin

Queen bed (the heater is on the left side)

Small twin bed we never used

Teeny-tiny bathroom

Kaellyn all bundled next to the heater
 We unpacked in the room and relaxed for a little while.  I fed Kaellyn and Briss read through his book.  Then we bundled up and went to the grocery store to get some breakfast items and some supper.  Since the cabin we stayed in only had a microwave we got microwave food that we normally don't eat such as Hot Pockets and Cup of Noodles.  It was fun to have trashy food we normally would never eat.  That night we watched some TV and then cuddled up to go to bed.  We had brought Kaellyns Pack'n'Play but since it was so cold we just let her sleep in between us.  We're no strangers to co-sleeping and we sleep very safely so I had no problem. Plus, it was fun to cuddle with her all night.

All bundled to go to the supermarket

On the floor next to the heater

Briss playing around

Daddy/daughter time

He's up to something

She squeals with delight everytime he does this

Haha silly girl

The next morning was Thanksgiving and the rest of the family was on their way up.  So we watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade because Briss had never seen it.  After that we waited around until we heard that people were over at the other cabin and then we headed over there.  We spent that day eating Turkey and spending time with the family.  The day was topped off with playing Apples to Apples. 

Panda on the MTG parade

Thanksgiving day outfit

Adorable bib from Rachel

Daddy cuddles

After Thanksgiving we went home and went to bed.  The next morning Kaellyn woke us up at 7am which is really early for her.  But then she found a new friend: herself in the mirror!  She was entertained for about an hour.  It was so much fun watching her.  Then around 9 we went over to the other cabin and hung out.  Briss went on a big hike with my family while Kaellyn and I stayed with my grandparents.  They enjoyed watching her "crawl" and "talk".  She is growing so fast!!

Her new "friend"

Giant Icicle


Tired baby

Happy Baby

Prince and me

We had left over turkey for supper and then played Scategories.  Which is always fun.  It was Briss' 1st time playing and he said he enjoyed it.  Of course he would have rather been playing Angry Birds but I was happy he played Scattegories.  The next day was the final day my family was up there.  So we hung out with them for a bit and then watched them drive off.  We spent the rest of the day reading and playing Angry Birds and playing with Kaellyn.  Then around 8pm we bundled up and walked into town to see the big Christmas tree all lit up.  It was gorgeous.

All bundled up for the walk.  I even put a blanket over her

Big Christmas tree

That night was our last in Idllywild so we cuddled and enjoyed the cold weather.  As we were going to bed Briss woke up and said, "thats the sound of snow".  He could tell it was snowing just by the sound.  I however could care less because I was sleeping and wanted to remain that way.  But the next morning it was fun to see everything covered again. 

His jeep in the morning after a night of snowing
Our last morning we went to the Red Kettle for breakfast and then came back and packed up.  Again we were in the car for the ride home.  And again Kaellyn did amazing and slept the whole way.  We got home around 1 pm on Sunday and were unpacked by 2pm.  It gave us the rest of the afternoon to relax and enjoy our apartment.  So overall it was a great Thanksgiving weekend. 

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving mini-vacation! Glad you had a great time :)