Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Story Time

So recently Kaellyn and I have been participating in Story Time at the Oceanside Library.  It's a fun gathering of all these mommies (a few daddies) and the little babies.  Most children are under 1 years old and there is anywhere between 10-20 babies.  It's a huge room so it doesn't seem like that many.  We all sit in a circle and welcome each child by name which makes them feel very special.  Then we sing other songs such as, "The Itsy-bitsy-spider" and "Humpty-Dumpty"  After 20 minutes of songs, the teacher brings out toys and the kids play with the toys and the other babies.  It's all very fun.  Us mommies have bonded because our babies are all about the same age.  And Kaellyn has a great time with the other girls.  She actually is a bit of a toy thief because she always is going after the toys the other children already have.  But don't worry I don't actually let her take them. 

So every Wednsday Kaellyn and I take off for Storytime.  Here are some pictures from the past few story times. 

1st storytime with matching plastic green shoes

Fallyn came the next week

Reese figured out how to sit up and Ellie can touch her toes

Fallyn and Kaellyn holding hands

Then after a few weeks of storytime we made a play-date with all the babies.

Playing with all the toys

The little boy is Kolby (2 months and the youngest) Kaellyn (5 1/2 months) and Lucas (4 months)

Clockwise starting with Kaellyn, Fallyn (6 months) Marley(7 months) Reese (6.5 months)Kolby (2 months) Lucas (4 months) and Dillion (8 months)
You can see Kaellyn smiling at me

After that circle we nursed the babies and they all passed out.  Kaellyn is sleeping under the blanket.

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