Friday, December 17, 2010

Our flight to New York

We left for New York on Friday.  We got up at 5 am to drive to my parents house where my mom drove us down to the airport.  We arrived at the airport by 6:20 and went to check in.  The attendant couldn't find our flight.  Briss was prepared and so he had the confirmation number.  He presented it to the man and then we said that our flight was, "yesterday".  Uh-O.  We had completly gotten the days wrong.  We had the right time but not the date.  So $500 dollars later we got a new flight.  So we head up to the gate and then find out that our plane has been grounded due to fog.  All the flights have been grounded.  So we had to get a new flight.  But so did everybody else so it took 45 minutes in line to get one.  Our new flight was scheduled for 12:45.  In a different gate.  So we had to go back through security and get to the correct gate.  We arrived there at 12:00 and found only standing room.  Thankfully, a nice gentleman offered his seat so that I could sit down with Kaellyn.  She had been doing very good during all this and smiling at all the people and loving the attention.  Unfortunately, 12:45 rolled around and we still hadn't boarded a plane yet.  Every body was exhausted and wondering what was going on.  At 1:20 we boarded our plane and were ready for the flight.  However, the tarmack was full.  So we waited an additional 30 minutes before we could take off.  It seemed as if San Diego did not want us to leave.  The flight itself was easy because it was only 45 minutes and we flew into Las Vegas.  Kaellyn did amazing!  She loved looking out the window and seeing everything. 

We got to Las Vegas and ran to our other flight where we made it with just a few minutes to spare.  It was there that we waited in line with an older couple and the man had a Marine Corps hat on.  So Briss started chatting with him and he ended up giving Briss a $50 gift card to Outback Steakhouse for his service.  It was lovely and so kind.  Then we got to board our plane and travel to Buffalo, New York.  That flight was 5 hours and Kaellyn did amazing.  We had an extra chair for her so we brought her carseat.  She fell asleep for the 1st hour and was awake for the 2nd hour.  Then she slept the remaining 3 hours.  It couldn't have gone more perfectly and I was very grateful.  We finally touched down in Buffalo at 11:45 Eastern time making our trip 14 hours long.  I was exhausted.  But we still had to get our rental car and they closed at midnight.  So once we got off the plane Briss ran to the rental and got our vehicle while I went to see if our luggage arrived.  Thankfully, it had.  So I gathered all of our bags, the stroller, the carseat, and the baby and waited to see if Briss got the car.  He did.  He got a Dodge Challenger (his dream car) and he didn't even request it.  I must admit it does fit her carseat and stroller quite nicely.  And so we drove off to his brother Mikes house.  We arrived there by 1:00 and were asleep by 1:10.  It was a exhausting traveling day.

The beginning of how crowded it got.  2 hours late it was MUCH worse.

Entertaining the baby

7 hours in the San diego airport made for a very tired Nicolle

Sleeping during the flight.

Ready to take off!!!

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