Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Royal Wedding Anniversary

So William and Catherine have been married for 1 year.  And of course we all celebrated that.  I woke up early with Kaellyn and we put on jewelry and made a cup of Prince of Wales tea.  Then we had a royal breakfast of fruit with Nuttella.  Kaellyn licked the Nuttella off her fruit and then ate the fruit. 

Heres a video of her pouring "tea" which is just plain milk
Pouring "tea"

After breakfast Kaellyn and I watched the Royal Wedding until Briss woke up.  When Briss woke up we made a real breakfast with eggs and toast.

During breakfast we listened to the soundtrack from the wedding.  It has all the music they played and the vows and the special readings.  It was fun to listen while we ate.  After breakfast Briss played his video game and Kaellyn played with the iPad while I read my book.

This was us 1 year ago

Then for dinner we made Beef Wellington.  It was amazing.  It's steak wrapped in proscuitto with a mushroom sauce wrapped in a pastry.  Briss loved it.  I'll have to make it again soon.  I also made minty peas because that is a British custom.  So we had a very good British dinner.  Afterwards we made Eton Mess again which is both Prince Williams favourite and Briss loves it too. 

Getting ready to say prayers

Beef Wellington

After dinner we allowed Kaellyn to stay up late and watch Sleeping Beauty.  So we had a fun family cuddle with a very romantic Princess themed movie.  It was a perfect way to celebrate the anniversary.

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