Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Briss Birthday day

Friday, May 18th was Briss' birthday.  I got up early and made him breakfast before he headed off for a long day at work.  Kaellyn was my breakfast helper.

She climbed up there by herself

Birthday nails!

Balloon nail

Briss got home around 8:15 and he was able to eat dinner with us all.  I made chicken Parmesan with LOTS of cheese.  We then had his favourite drink Mojito which is a birthday tradition.  Kaellyn had some lime juice with soda water.  She loved it until she broke the glass on her foot and we spent the next 10 minutes digging glass out of her toe.  After, that she went to sleep while Briss opened his presents and had cake.  For his gifts I bought him a video game I might actually enjoy.   It's called L.A. Noire and it takes place in the 1940's and you are a detective solving murders.  Just like Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade.  So I should enjoy watching the background and see how the story plays out.  I also got him a video game chair which his eyes lit up for.

Getting the glass out

Using a plastic cup now

Surprise it's a chair!!!

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