Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Academy Awards Party

After the classy white trash party I decided to host an Oscar viewing party.  This was actually to be a classy affair and I must say it was very fun.  I got a red carpet and decorated the house with gold and silver stars.  I also told everyone to wear either black or white fancy clothes.  Every one dressed up and it was so much fun.  All of us girls loved seeing the A-list celebrities in their gorgeous outfits and beautiful jewelry.  And Megan had given us Oscar Bingo that we played while watched.  Briss won and was very smug with himself.  I also had made 4 different kinds of popcorn and had lots of candy to eat while we watched.  It was a great fun time.  Here are the pictures.

The table decorations

Rushing around getting ready

My red carpet entrance

The back of my dress

Me and my date for the night

Me and Danielle
Briss and Mark

Perfect opposites

All of us girls

Kaellyn wearing Sarahs boa

Theres a baby on the red carpet!

She's so cute!

The gold flakes in the champagne!!
Silly man
Sarah accepting her fake oscar

Me and C-3PO standing in for an Oscar

Being silly

Saying goodnight to Mark and Danielle

So as you can see it was a fun and classy event.  I'm gonna miss all these people.

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