Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st week at our new house

We left for our new house on Wednesday the 23rd.  We almost didn't make it because when we woke up in Buffalo we discovered it had snowed 9 inches overnight.  That is really crazy to me because I'm barely used to 9 inches of rain A YEAR!!!!  So we were snowed in for a bit until it melted.  Thankfully, it did around 2 pm and we were able to arrive at our new place around 5 pm.  It was a mess of boxes and a scramble to unpack some of the kitchen stuff to make some noodles with.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find any silverware so we had to take turns eating with the spatula.  But it was fun.  Also, what we had unpacked made a huge mess of paper that we jumped into.  Thankfully, we got the kitchen done because on Friday we all started to feel a little sick.  The rest of the weekend we got more sick.  Awful headache, runny nose, wet cough, achey body.  We didn't do anything in the house for 4 days.  That is how miserable we were.  Uhg.  Today is Wednesday the 30th and it's the 1st day I'm feeling a little better.  Still really rubbish though.  So when the rest of the house gets unpacked I'll take more pictures. 

The mess of boxes

Kaellyn and the paper

It really was piling up

Eating with the spatula

Jumping in the paper

HUGE pile

Kaellyn playing with tupperware

What our 1st week involved.  Lots of tea and vitamins.
Click the links to watch Briss jump in the paper pile

Video of Briss jumping
Briss jumping 2


  1. This brings back memories of all the times we moved. It always amazed me how the small stack of paper they carried in to pack with grows into a mountain of paper when you unpack.
    Have fun in the new place.

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