Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kaellyns 3rd Birthday

Kaellyn woke up and immediately started eating her cupcakes.  Then we got dressed and went out to breakfast.  I got her chocolate chip pancakes and she loved them.  Then everyone came out singing to her.  Unfortunately, I had stepped away from the table at that moment so she was a bit scared when everyone came out.  But it was fun.

After breakfast we had an hour to kill so we went over to Chuck E Cheese.  It was good for her to enjoy some time there.  Then we went over to the baby sitters house to drop Brielle off.  I was taking Kaellyn to the waterpark.  Just the 2 of us.  It hasn't been just the 2 of us since Brielle has been born.  We've had time together when Brielle is sleeping but none outside of the house.  And she LOVES water.  And the waterpark. 

I didn't get any pictures from the waterpark because I didn't want to risk ruining the camera.  She had the best time at the waterpark.  It coouldn't have been more perfect for her birthday.  When we got home around 5pm Kaellyn fell asleep at 6.  I thought well this will be fine because when Briss gets home I can wake her up and she can see him.  He got home at 7:45 and there was no way she was waking up.  She was so exhausted from the day.  But I can tell you she had an amazing day!

Lots of whipped cream on her pancakes

when she woke up in the morning

We got 1 picture of us at the waterpark

I got her a sprite soda and she thought it was the best thing ever

both girls asleep at 6 pm

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