Monday, July 29, 2013

Impromptu trip to Virginia Part 2

I really wanted to see Mount Vernon and where we were staying was 25 minutes from it.  So depending on how everyone slept that night I was thinking of driving over there.  When we woke up on the 1st of July feeling refreshed I decided to extend my trip by booking a hotel near Gettysburg.  So I said goodbye to Brittany and Tressa and we headed out to Mount Vernon.  It was a rainy day and a bit difficult by myself with a 3 year old and a baby but I was so grateful I did it.  Kaellyn was very confused.  I told her we were going to Georges house.  She thought we were going to see Curious George the monkey.  Then she thought we were going to a friends house to play.  So I had to explain to her about who George Washington was.  Then she thought I said "George Washing Machine"  Then when we were on the tour the only part she heard was George Washington went out in the snow and died.  So whenever you mention George Washington to her she says, "George died in snow!"  So maybe one day she'll grasp who George Washington was.

Saying goodbye to her new friend

With George "Washing machine"

With Mount Vernon in the background

After Mount Vernon we drove to Emmitsburg, Maryland where we were staying for the night.  We checked in and went swimming at their indoor pool.  Then we spent the rest of the night relaxing and recovering from the past 2 days.  We went to bed early so that we could get to Gettysburg early the next day.

Our big King sized bed we all slept in before we went to Gettysburg

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