Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve and Day

On New Years Eve Bill came down to celebrate with us.  I was still feeling pretty sick so I took 2 naps that day in order to be able to stay up till Midnight.  We ordered pizza and had snacks and played games while waiting for 2013 to arrive. 

2013 Decorations

Teasing the 2 year old

Snacks to last till midnight

Playing battleship

Cheers at midnight1

Then on New Years Day we made a big hearty breakfast including waffles which is Kaellyns favourite.  Then we played with Kaellyn until she took her nap.  During her nap I also slept because I am still recovering from the flu that knocked me out for over 10 days.  Once she woke up the boys watched Lord of The Rings while Kaellyn played on the iPad and I made some dinner.  Kaellyn loved having "Uncle Bill" here.  She wouldn't leave him alone at all.  So it was good for her to have interaction besides just Briss and me.  And she was sad when he said he was leaving after she went to bed. So we all had a good New Years and a fun time.

Eating her waffles

Watching Lord of the Rings

Gotta watch Lord of the Rings with a drinking horn

Cozy with Bill

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