Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gossip Girl Finale

I've been watching Gossip Girl for about 5 years now.  Megan and I even did the tour when we were in New York this summer.  So when I heard that the show was ending I had to have a goodbye party for it.  I made waffles like Rufus Humphrey would make.  Chocolate covered strawberries like Serena loved and all sorts of other yummy brunch items. 

Fresh fruit, waffles, yogart, and strawberries

Wearing headbands like Blair Waldorf

After brunch, I watched the very first episode of Gossip Girl and then watched the very end episode.  Overall, it ended very nicely and tied everything up.  Including the reveal of who Gossip Girl was!  Which was very fun!  For dinner I made "Upper East Sliders" and Waldorf Salad because the show is about the Upper East Side and the main characters surname is Waldorf.  It was a fun way to watch the end of a very silly show.   

Toasting goodbye to Gossip Girl

Upper East Sliders and Waldorf salad

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