Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Weekend in Buffalo

On Friday the 21st we packed our car and headed up to Buffalo.  There was a big snow storm coming in and the ride was a bit scary for about a half hour but we made it safe and sound.  I unfortunately, came down with a rather nasty cold so there aren't many pictures from this weekend.  We arrived at Bruce and Jessicas house around 8:30 and let all the kids play together.  They have 3 children (Devon 10, Andreya 8, and Callen 18 months).  We stayed the night with them and it was so much fun.

Briss balancing on the ball

The following day (22nd) we went over to Grandma Donna and Uncle Erics house to visit with them.  Kaellyn had a great time opening presents and playing with Uncle Eric.

After spending the afternoon at Grandmas house we headed over to Mike and Jills house.  I didn't get a single picture because I spent most of the evening and night on the couch napping and alternating between having hot sweats and chills due to my fever.  So I stayed away from people so they wouldn't get sick on Christmas.  But from the noise I could hear Briss and Kaellyn had a great time playing with everyone.  Kaellyn loves her cousins and calls them, "boys!" all the time.  

The following morning we went over and spent some time with Bob.  So it was a good and quick weekend to see family.  I however, was very grateful to get back home to my bed and start getting better quickly.  Hopefully, next weekend before the year ends Bob and Donna and Eric can come down and celebrate Christmas with us in our house and I'll be able to be social with everyone.

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