Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve I told Kaellyn about Santa.  I said, "After you fall asleep Santa comes to our house and leaves a few presents for us to open in the morning". She totally understood what I meant and got very excited.  And when I told her we leave cookies and milk for him she wanted to make sure he got, "red milk".  Red milk is the whole milk, blue milk is the non fat milk and she prefers the whole milk.  So she went to bed very excited.  And about a half hour later she tried to sneak downstairs and asked for Santa.  I had to tell her he comes in the morning.

"helping" with the fireplace

Writing a note to Santa

Santa decorated her door!

One creepy present is trying to escape

On Christmas morning she woke up around 7:30 and came downstairs to get me.  She was so excited about the balloons she brought me upstairs to see them.  Then she saw all the presents under the tree and got even more excited!  I made all of us hot chocolate and we sat down to open our stockings.

After we opened our stockings we made a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, fresh fruit, and orange juice.  It was delicious. 

Eating too many grapes at once

After breakfast we finally let Kaellyn open her presents.  She honestly loved all of them.  When she got new pajamas she changed into them right away.  Then she got a new shirt so she put the shirt on.  Then when she got shoes she put the shoes on.  And so on.  She had asked Santa for a flash light so that was her favourite Christmas gift to play with. 

Outfit change #1

Changed shirts again

Megan had sent this to me

New shoes

Kaellyn had received quite a few puzzles because that is what she is into now.  So her and Briss spent some time putting some puzzles together.  And then she opened her BIG present.  Which was a baby doll set.  And she had the most fun putting the baby doll in the stroller and pushing her around.  Christmas morning was quite a fun and successful morning.  At this point my cold was coming back strong so while Briss and Kaellyn played with everything I took a nap.  It was much needed to enjoy the rest of the Christmas Day.

A very long video of Christmas morning

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