Thursday, August 30, 2012

New York City!! Day 3

On Saturday Megan and I ate breakfast at the diner in the hotel and it was horribly overpriced and not very good.  But it was food.  Then we headed to the Natural History Museum.  We walked around the gem part for almost 2 hours.  The rest of the museum was not very enjoyable.  Way too crowded and loud and uncomfortable.  I was miserable and didn't care about the rest of the museum so we left.  We decided to walk around Central Park.

As we were walking around Central Park we walked past this woman who had bright red lipstick on and flawless make up which is why I noticed her.  As I glanced at her she looked away like she didn't want to be noticed.  Then I saw her kid had blue hair.  I turned to Megan and said, "I swear that woman looked just like Gwen Stefani".  Megan said, "no doubt about it".  So I googled if her kid had blue hair and he did.  So Megan and I were very excited to have seen a celebrity even though we didn't know it at first.

Gwen Stefani!

In the afternoon after Brittany got done we decided we would go get pizza somewhere but couldn't decide where because Megan didn't want pizza.  But we finally decided on a little place where Brittany and I ate delicious New York pizza.  After dinner we all went our separate ways with me heading to the Nederlander Theater to see "NEWSIES!"  This was the whole reason I wanted to go to New York City.  I love the movie Newsies so when I heard there was a musical coming out I really wanted to see it!  So I was very excited.  The show started and the crowd was great.  Everyone who was there wanted to be there and wanted the show to be amazing.  When Jack Kelly came on stage the entire theater hollered for him.  When the Newsies sang "Carrying the Banner" I clapped and yelled along with everyone else.  It was amazing.  By intermission I was hooked on this musical.  They did an amazing job of adapting it for the stage.  By the time Jack came out of Pulitzers office and told the Newsies, "We Won" the whole audience stood up and clapped for them.  It was amazing.  If at the end of the 1st act I was hooked by the end of the 2nd act I was obsessed!  The entire audience was.  It was undeniably the highlight of my New York City trip.  I loved it!!

New York City Pizza

My playbill from a great show!!!

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