Thursday, August 30, 2012

New York City!!! Day 1

I've been so busy with doing stuff in the Summertime that I haven't had time to update.  Lets go back to July 26 when we all went to New York City.  I got up at 4 am to drive to Pittsburgh to make my flight around 9 am.  Brittany was flying from North Carolina and had already arrived in D.C for her 2nd flight by 9 am.  Megan had started the journey the night before and was in Philadelphia at 9 am.  But then it all started to fall apart.  Brittanys flight was delayed 30 minutes, then my flight became delayed and so did Megans.  About 45 minutes after our flights were to leave Megan and Brittanys flights were cancelled!!  I was just waiting for mine to get cancelled.  Thankfully, it did not.  I was told I would be leaving around 11:30 am.  Brittany and Megan could not get another flight and so they decided to take the train into NYC.  I boarded my plane and arrived in the Big Apple at 12:30 and got to Hotel Pennsylvania by 1:10.  Megan was already there and Brittany was on her way!

Finally there!!  I broke out in a rash on my forehead from all the craziness

My cute travel bag!

Our room in the Hotel Pennsylvania

The neat bathroom

We were room 999 it did have a bit of a Haunted Mansion feel to it.
The view from our Hotel

New York Coffee and waiting for Brittany

Brittany arrived at 4pm and we were finally all in NYC!!!  It was a crazy adventure getting there but we did!  We all changed and went down to China Town because it was Brittanys birthday and she wanted to go to China Town for dinner.  We walked around looking at a restaurant to eat at but most were Rated B so we waited until we found a Grade A Rating.  It was a place called "Big Wang Wongs"  It was hilarious!!!  Brittany and I ordered the shrimp Chow Mein which was excellent and Megan ordered Chicken Fried Rice.  It was a good place to eat dinner.

Afterwards we walked around and went to "Georges Cupcakes" where Megan and I got the Red Velvet cupcake and Brittany got a birthday cupcake which was perfect because she was the birthday girl.  On the way back to the hotel it started to rain.  And not just rain but pour.  Awful, miserable, windy rain where the umbrella does nothing but fly away.  It was terrible.  We were all soaking and miserable.  But we were in New York so although day 1 was not anywhere near as fabulous as we imagined we were still pretty happy.  

Welcome to China Town!!

Looks legitimate right?

Trying to find a restaurant with A rating

Star Wars action figures and a Marine?  How funny

Brittanys Birthday dinner!

Outside Georges Cupcakes

After we got soaking wet

Drowned rat

Brittany doesn't look wet at all!

Brittany got an awesome fly swatter from her conference!

My half eaten cupcake

Brittany's cupcake

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