Friday, April 20, 2012

Random pictures from March

Sorry for the long delay.  The computer was in the shop and when it came back out they had erased everything from the hard drive.  I've had to save pictures from the internet and it's been a battle to sort out.  But in the next few days I should have lots of new pictures for everyone. 

Here are pictures from the last few weeks in March.

Had some sunshine so she had a redneck pool party

Naked baby

Playing with her friend Max

Me and Piper

Ready to go with sunglasses, juice and purse

Briss and I on a rare night out

Playing video games at a friends house

helping me clean the wall

Kissing a new baby (I didn't actually allow her to kiss her)

New baby Keira!

St Patricks day shake with irish flag nails

Pig tails!

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