Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Patricks Day Part 2

Around 12 pm on St Patricks Day Donna and Eric arrived at our house.  Briss was still working but arrived around 1:30.  It was a gorgeous 73 degrees that day and so we spent our time on the patio with our new chairs that my parents sent for Christmas.

Making the cupcakes

Pantless leprechaun

Enjoying an Irish coffee

She was tired after running around

Same hair!

Boys and their sticks

Green toes
 After spending lots of gorgeous time in the sunshine, we went in for dinner of corned beef and cabbage, spinach dip, and green lime-aid.  Eric really wanted to try the Guinness beer that I had out for decorations even though we all told him that it was strong. 

Irish cheese
After playing outside in the gorgeous sunshine, we all came in and had spinach dip, corned beef and cabbage and green lime-aid.  Then Eric insisted on trying my decorative Guinness beer.  We all told him it was strong and he probably wouldn't like it but he insisted.  There is video of him trying it. 

Green lime-aid

Beer shirt, beer hat, beer in hand

Corned beef and cabbage

Trying the Guinness
 Trying the Guinness

He switched beers after that

My St Patricks Day nails

After dinner we all just hung out and watched some TV.  Then when Kaellyn went to bed we played Phase 10.  It was a great game but it took about 3 hours and I was exhausted at 10:30.  But it was really fun.  We even played with a shamrock light stick.  And that was our St Patricks Day.

The shadow was cool

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