Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1st Day of Spring

March 20th was the 1st day of Spring and it's gorgeous here in PA this week.  Mid 70's and lots of sun.  I wanted to celebrate the 1st of Spring in a fun way and so I made it Marie-Antoinette day here at the house.

 It started out by us watching Marie Antoinette (1938) starring Norma Shearer and Tyrone Power.  Norma Shearer was married to Irving Thalberg who produced films for MGM.  She was quite literally, "sleeping with the boss", so she got several good parts in films even though she wasn't the best film actress.  But I felt she did an excellent job in this role.  This movie was only a film that could have been produced by MGM as it was lavish and over the top.  Just at Marie Antoinette was.  If ever it comes around on television I would recommend watching it simply for the stunning visual effects and costume designs.

After that, we gussied ourselves out in the best 1770's attire I had in our house.  This was how we ended up.

After her nap, our activity of the afternoon was making fans.  Kaellyn did pretty good about folding the paper but when it came to use them she ripped hers all up.  O well I had made a few extra for her to play with.  We also had to make a pink cake!

French tea, french candles and Marie Antoinette card. 

She said no more pictures!

I said, "no more!"

White tights and yellow shoes

Making the cake

Taking a picture of the apron and she's eating the dough

Playing with her fan

Copying me

Let them eat cake!!  Notice the Marie Antoinette card and DVD?

Eating cake

Fun costume jewelry

Close up of the heart shaped mole and costume earrings from the Thrift Store. 

And then after she was asleep I watched the 2006 version of Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst.  That movie is quite cute and I understand the directors vision of it even if it was historically inaccurate.  So, it was a great day to the 1st of Spring!!

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