Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random April Pictures

In a "Little Peanut" outfit and we read Dumbo and then watched the movie

Big smiles now at 2 months

Briss was out of town for one night so I slept with the lightsaber

Watching my friends 5 month old Cody

Keeping Kaellyn entertained while Brielle slept on me

Feeding 2 kids at once.  Brielles food source is covered up ;)

Sick baby after vaccines

Pointy ears

Both girls are asleep

Reading a magazine about Victoria Beckham

Since when does Ugg have cute shoes?

Les Miserables night with french wine and crackers and cookies

Wanted to be worn all day long

I feel like I am in this position for hours each day

Both kids asleep so I drank Neuro Bliss water and read a magazine about Victoria Beckham

Briss got home early one night and I got to go see Casablanca on the big screen

Matchy Matchy

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