Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter in New York 2013

We decided to go up to New York for Easter weekend for everyone to meet Brielle.  We left as soon as Briss got off work on Friday and we stayed at Bruce and Jessicas that night.

Then after we stayed there we headed over to Bobs house to spend the day with him.

Eds new girlfriend Sue bought Kaellyn a bunch of toys and she was so happy

Petting Bobs new cat

After leaving Bobs house we went and visited my friend Casandra and her 2 boys.  Their father walked out of their lives and are sorely lacking in male attention.  So it was good for them to play with Briss for an hour or so.

Then we finally drove to Mike and Jills house and Brielle was exhausted.  She just cried and cried and cried and wouldn't settle down so I had to lay with her at 9pm and we fell asleep.  Which was good because we had sunrise service at 7 am the next morning.  Most of the family goes to it and then there is a pancake breakfast afterwards.  Kaellyn didn't sit the entire church service but thats to be expected of a 2 year old.  Brielle slept the whole time so that was a nice change from the night before.

After church we came back to Mike and Jills for Easter brunch with everyone. After that mostly everyone napped then Donna brought a bag of balloons and we all blew them up and had a blast.  It was a great fun day.

Getting her in the sun to get rid of the jaundice

Naps with Uncle Mike

It was an excellent Easter weekend but it was very busy.  By the time we left both kids were playing the "who can cry louder and harder" game.  Kaellyn quit after about 15 minutes of driving time but Brielle cried for 30.  Finally everyone was asleep and we got home around 10 pm to fall asleep hard.  Poor Briss had no recovery time before he had to go back to work the next day at 7 am.  But it was a blessed Easter.

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