Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend in Buffalo

On Saturday June 30th we headed up to Buffalo.  First, we stopped in Erie to go shopping.  It was great because I found a Juicy Couture Little Black Dress for 90% off!!  It was retailed at $348 and I got it for $35!!  Can you say steal?!  So I was very happy. 

We arrived at Buffalo around 3:30 and saw Grandma Donna and Uncle Eric.  They were babysitting Kaellyn while we went to Briss' 10 year High School Reunion.  We headed to that and we had a decent time.  The 1st hour was a bit boring but it got better.  And by the end of the night we had a great time!

The whole class

After the reunion we went to Bruce and Jessicas to stay the night.  It was a fun night and I love spending time with them.  We didn't sleep very well though so we were grateful when the sun came up and it was breakfast time.  The kids all played together and it was nice.

Then we headed over to my friend Casandras house.  I met Casandra in California and she's from Buffalo so if we're ever there at the same time we try to get together.  This time was especially fun because she just had her 2nd baby and I hadn't met him yet. And her other child is the same age as Kaellyn so she had a blast.

It was a great weekend but we were exhausted by the end of it. 

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