Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Parents Visit Part 1

My parents arrived Tuesday late so I didn't take any pictures then.  Wednesday was 4th of July so we cooked out and had a good time with family. 

On Thursday the 5th we went down to Pittsburgh and we also stopped at the outlet malls for some light shopping. 

At the aviary

This was right before Kaellyn almost pulled the whole thing on top of her.

Primanti way where we ate at Primanti Bros the original Pittsburgh restaurant.
Day 3

We went to Erie for a day at the beach then went and saw Briss at work.  It was fun to actually spend time with him.  Then we went to a great Asian buffet. 

Day 4~

This was a long, stressful, and hot day.  I had a party for Suzies daughter Piper who was turning 1.  It was a yellow ducky themed party and it was so much fun.  It was 104 in the sun and 97 in the shade so it was a hot day.  We had the pool out and the kids had a blast.  Afterwards, Briss, Summer and I just hung out in the A/C room and did nothing but laugh and talk.  When it cooled down a bit we brought the fan outside and played Phase 10.  That was a great time. 

Suzie and the birthday princess

In my yellow dress

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