Friday, November 18, 2011

The Marine Corps Ball

Was such a fun time!!  Grandma Donna came down on Thursday afternoon and Kaellyn had a great time with her and Eric.  We all played games and enjoyed the family time.  At 5am on Friday morning I got up and packed the car and last minute stuff and got ready for the drive up to Niagara falls.  We headed out by 5:45 because Briss had to check in by 8:30 am.  We arrived on time and I was told I could check in early instead of waiting until 2pm which was so nice.  Briss went to work and I brought all of our bags in.  You would be amazed at how much stuff we had for only 36 hours.  So I brought all of our bags in and read some of my Jean Harlow book because I felt my dress had a Jean Harlow feel to it.

Driving to the Victoria Beckham CD

So early to be in the car

More driving because it's about 2.5 hours away

Around 12 I went to a luncheon with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps wife while Briss had lunch with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.  This is a very big deal because there is only one in the entire Marine Corps.  He is the highest enlisted man in the marines.  There are Sergeant Majors but only one Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.  So a very big deal and we were very lucky to meet him.  His wife was very timid and didn't say much at lunch but it was nice to go even though I didn't learn anything.  I did meet a nice girl named Kathleen though.  And as we were leaving the luncheon I realized I didn't have a key to get back into my room.  So I was thankful I had met her because she let me hang out in her room until the men came back from lunch.

Eating healthy beets as a snack

Healthy tuna as a snack (yes I had to bring a can opener for both of those)

The restaurant downstairs
My outfit to meet "the wife"

I wore earrings Megan made me

And this pretty gold clip

The next few hours were spent getting ready for the ball.  I did a face mask, my make up, my hair was in curlers, painted another coat of nail polish, checked everything and Briss spent that time sleeping.  The whole time.  Then when it was about 15 minutes to leave he got up had a slight panic when one of his ribbons was off by 1/4 of an inch, panicked some more, fixed it and then we were ready to go.  It was comical because this happens every single year.

Sleeping Marine

Transforming into "Jean Harlow"

Transformation complete

Once we arrived downstairs there was a cocktail hour and then we found our table and the ceremony began.  I was very disappointed in the amount of people who were on their phones and not paying full attention.  This is a formal event you should not be texting or even have your phone with you.  Both Briss and I left our phones in our room because thats what you do.  Plus, there is no way that thing would have fit in my tiny clutch.  The ceremony began and it was very moving.  The speeches were wonderful and the whole thing is just incredible.  I had a few tears but not too many until they played this video.  It's 12 minutes long so those of you without high speed internet will probably not be able to see it.

Needless to say there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  Being in a room full of pride and energy and watching that and feeling everyones emotions was very moving.  All of us women excused ourselves to fix our make up in the bathroom.  That mirror was quite crowded. 

Then we were served our dinner.  Every year Briss and I get the steak and have never been disappointed.  Until this year.  It was coffee crusted filet and it tasted exactly like it sounded.  The outside was covered in ground coffee beans.  It was disgusting.  The texture of ground coffee beans was gross and the flavour was gross.  No one finished theirs and the waiters kept apologizing to us.  We all watched as every other table had looks of disgust on their face.  Although, the salad and desserts were amazing.  

This is Briss boss and his pregnant wife.  They had a fun time

The female marine and her sister as her date

Meeting the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

This was my friend Kathleen who let me stay in her room when I got locked out of mine

After dinner there was a bit of dancing which was nice.  Then we said goodbye to everyone and went across the street to the Casino.  We didn't last long because it was filled with smoke and not very exciting.  Briss did however win $40 on a Star Wars slot machine so that made it fun.  All in all it was a very good Marine Corps Birthday Ball and we had a great time up in Niagara Falls. 

Fixing make up before we go out again

fixing hair

The awesome slot machine!

This was the coffee in the room.  6 Starbucks cups and Starbucks coffee!

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