Monday, July 25, 2011

Renaissance Faire in Meadville

was terrible!!  But at least I went. The faire was at a dog park so all of the booths were for dogs and selling stuff for dogs.  There were only 2 tents with faire folk and those 2 tents held 14 people in garb.  Thats it!  No re-enactment, no mead, nothing.  Just a few people in costume trying to stay cool.  Here are the pictures.

2 Thors hammers!!

Fun renaissance fair outfit

Cool bracelet and a ring I got at a previous ren faire.
Awesome Medieval shield nails I did

I love the Knights templar cross I added

I'm a Princess, Mommy is a Queen and Daddy is around here somewhere

My cool hair

This was the whole faire

Some pugs

The only 2 tents of people in garb
At home now

Drinking out of my horn

Don't worry it was only water

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