Thursday, September 6, 2012

Camping over Labor Day

We decided to go camping with my friend Melissa and her husband Ken and their 2 children Andrew (12) and Reagyn (4).  They knew this great spot about an hour and a half away and we arrived on Saturday around 12:30.  I had these adorable matching overalls for both Kaellyn and I.  I also thought with overalls she could just wear them all weekend no matter how dirty they got.  Well, not 10 minutes after we arrived did she run into the creek and fall face first soaking herself and her overalls.  So needless to say I didn't get any pictures of our cute overalls.

I painted my nails earth brown and bought new hiking/walking shoes

The creek

Our tent

The campsite and clothes line where I tried to dry Kaellyns overall but they took all weekend

Going on a hike

She just kept getting clothes wet so she went naked

Kaellyn and Reagyn

Me and Melissa just hanging out

Even he went swimming in the creek

On Day 2 we went canoeing.  I was very nervous about canoeing with a 2 year old on this river.  It was a 7 mile long trip with a bit of rapids where they had a fatality this spring when someone wasn't wearing a life jacket, got flipped and hit his head and drowned.  So I was a bit nervous.  Our canoe had Andrew in the front, me and Kaellyn in the middle and Briss in the back.  We got over the "rapids" just fine.  A bit of water to our boat but nothing serious.  One canoe in our group did tip but they didn't have any children in their boat just a dog who panicked which is what caused them to fall in. 

The rest of the canoe trip went fine.  Kaellyn was exhausted and tired of being confined so she had a meltdown for about 20 minutes and my patience was waning.  But it was a patience issue not a camping issue so I was very grateful.  I also had a great time teasing Briss and Andrew with singing songs about water such as, "Just around the river bend" "Cry me a River" "Pirates Life for Me" "Down by the Bay" They were all annoyed but I was having a blast and secretly they enjoyed it.  All around the whole trip took about 6 hours at the pace we went.

After the canoe trip

Putting supper on using a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven (not pictured)

Kaellyn playing with Andrew or as she called him Andz

The final morning we all got up and had a great breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Then we packed up and headed home for a nice long shower!

Cupcakes for breakfast!

Girls getting their hair done

Look how cute her pigtails are!

Trying to take her pants off for one more dip in the creek

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