Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was very nice.  Kaellyn woke up around 7 am and we had a big family cuddle.  Then we went downstairs and opened our stockings.  I got lightsaber lipstuff and Briss got a bunch of different fun things including a whoopie cushion.  Kaellyn thought that was the most fun ever.  Then we had breakfast and lounged around for a bit.

Climbing on the problem chair again

lipstuff lightsaber

They even light up!

Opening the stockings

Video of Kaellyn and the whoopie cushion

Kaellyns new wand

Then after breakfast we opened the rest of the presents.  We got a brand new laptop and Briss completely surprised me with a iPad.  It's so amazing!!!  For Kaellyns present we got her 200 plastic balls to be put in a pit to play with.  She loves it!!

New nail polish!!

A new Humphrey Bogart movie11

A bathrobe for Briss

Opening her present

Covered in chocolate and stitches

Christmas socks

My iPad!

The new laptop!!

Opening her ball present

Kaellyns tent

Tent all set up

After all the presents were opened we had a lazy day where I made bruscetta and cheddar fondue.  For dinner we had a nice ham and green beans.  It was a nice lazy day and very fun Christmas. 

His new blanket

The fondue

Enjoying the bean bag chair

Christmas Dinner

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