Monday, October 24, 2011

Harry Potter day

The local university had a Quidditch match and Briss, Bill, Kaellyn and I all went down to watch it.  My friend Tara was nice enough to let me borrow her Ravenclaw robe and wand so I was all dressed up. The Quidditch game itself was somewhat boring but still fun.  If you "fell off your broom" you had to run back to the goal post and touch it.  The snitch is a cross country runner in all yellow.  The game we saw the seekers took forever to catch him.

Some videos:

 The golden snitch and the seekers

20 second clip of the match
Ravenclaw nails.  I hadn't cleaned up the sides before I took this picture sorry.

The borrowed robe had a pin that said Prefect


The snitch

Playing around

And they are off!

Kaellyn in the forbidden forest with Hagrid (I mean Bill)

Belatrix Lestrange!

These pictures are from the local coffee shop that was selling Butterbeer drinks!

Brooms for sale

Artwork for sale


Practicing on my broomstick

Enjoying the butterbeer at home

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